Learn How to Build Your List & Sell Out Your Programs on Webinars Without Picking Up the Phone


You see back when I started my business, things were hectic...in a not-so-good way.

I was running around working a lot for very little results.

Can you relate?

Thankfully, I learned that there is a better way to grow your business without losing your mind in the process.

And it's no surprise that webinars played a huge role in my success.

Think about it.

Rather than meeting hundreds of people in person or one-on-one, I get to add value to people all around the world. In turn, my audience is not limited to learn from me when they see me in person either.

It works for my audience and it works for me.

So why don't webinars work for everyone else too?

Webinars are not meant to be a get-rich-quick strategy. There is an art to them.

Without the proper recipe for success, anything is bound to fail.

Makes sense right?

Whether we are talking about cupcakes, webinars, or a house, you need to do what works in order to see the results you want.

I can help.

After hosting webinars from beautiful islands, promoting them successfully, and teaching thousands of people via online workshops, I have figured what works and what doesn't work.

A Personal Letter from award-winning coach Ilean Harris:

When I first started my online business I was scared, exhausted, and in a serious hurry to make it happen so that I could put food on the table and keep a roof over my head.

I had big goals and a tiny budget. I had no internet, no cell phone, no credit cards, and I even traded my books on amazon.com for store credit so that I could buy food and supplies.

The sacrifices I made were non-negotiable. I had to take a big risk on myself because I was no longer willing to live in sadness and fear while doing something I hated and that I wasn’t called to do.

I knew that the only reason I was stuck doing something I hated was because I did not know how to make my dreams come true.

Thankfully, I took action immediately and learned how to build a successful online business.
Doing so changed my life!

I went from going to the grocery store with coupons & a calculator, hoping I had enough money for food, to:

  • Living in the Dominican Republic while doubling our sales
  • I was named “Digital Products Leader” by Women in E-Commerce
  • Building my email list to over 40,000 subscribers worldwide
  • Coaching TOP influencers around the world
  • Customers in 20+ countries
  • Traveling speaking internationally
  • Hosting international retreats for my coaching clients
  • International mission work
  • Free to live my dreams without asking permission or apologizing for them
  • Peace of mind thanks to the passive residual income I’ve created

Are you ready to change your life and turn your dreams into a reality?

If so, it’s time you learn how to make $100,000+ a year by turning your advice into a successful online business.

Whether you want to make an extra $1k or $10k a month, I will illustrate for you how to do so consistently thanks to the leverage of webinars.

We are all limited by 24 hours in a day and must leverage the power of webinars so that you can present to more of the right people at the same time so that you can focus on the part of the business that you love- sharing your expertise.

Remember what Zig Ziglar taught us: “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

You can have it all.

I can't wait to show you how by sharing your message with people around the world online.

~Ilean Harris

I want to ensure that you know how to nail your webinars and the first step

to do so is to learn how step-by-step.

I think many people get goosebumps when they hear the word “webinar”.

Maybe they imagine a giant event with all eyes on them.

That's a lot of pressure right?

Whether you think it's scary, exhausting, expensive, or all of the above.... you've got to get your products out there in a profitable way.

I remember when I created my very first program. All I could wonder was.... where are all the people that asked me to create this thing now?

That obviously didn't bring them back to me any faster.

So I had to figure out a smart and easy way to get the word out there about my programs without me having to jump up and down with a for sale sign and going against all of my beliefs by sitting there convincing people.

Hence, you shouldn't worry about some major elaborate launch strategy that is going to have your head spinning.

Here's what I do to make thousands and thousands on webinars without having any major marketers promoting me or millions spent on ads….

WAIT! Before you say "Oh yes.... I've been on one of her webinars so I know how she does it".....

Listen up!

There are many things that keep people looking from the outside in from being successful in their own webinars.

Don't worry because I don't want you making those same costly mistakes. That is why I'm going to show you how I do it.

You got it! No more slaving away on your slides only to have no one show up or worse...no one join your program.

I personally used webinars to DOUBLE my business in HALF the time!

Imagine this… My husband and I had just put all of our belongings in a storage unit and moved to the Dominican Republic.

As soon as we arrived, we could hear the waves crashing on the shore, feel the breeze blowing softly on our faces, and felt the island-friendly welcome from our new neighbors.

I thought we had “made it” as I sat there on our balcony- living the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

Until the unthinkable happened- the internet started to rebel against me!

With unreliable internet, I feared that my clients and customers would think I was unreliable too.

I feared the worst would happen to my business.

I could have chosen to jump on a plane and flee to the safe arms of my previously lightning-speed internet connection.

But I couldn’t….I was too attached to living in paradise.

I was too committed to having it all to give up…. much less in the middle of paradise!

That’s when I decided to work smarter when I was online so that I could see more results in less time.

(OK…don’t pretend I’m the only one who has gotten sidetracked with something distracting on Facebook. You can relate to needing to be more productive online right?)

I focused and I developed a system. A system that allowed me to double my sales in half the time.

That system was based on adding value via webinars strategically so that I could get back to doing what I loved- drinking mango milkshakes on the beach.

And for the first time ever, I’m revealing in detail how I did it, so that you too can duplicate the same system that works in your business.

How people normally think they will succeed with webinars:

After hosting webinars that have been seen over 100,000 times by entrepreneurs around the world, I’ve determined what works, what rocks, and what will hurt your business.

Now, considering how many online workshops I host, it’s easy to assume that teaching a lot leads to sales because you show people how smart and fancy you are.

**Spoiler alert**

Teaching a lot does not guarantee a single sale. Whereas teaching very little doesn’t guarantee more sales either.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

You must create a strategy that allows you to teach so that you can position yourself as an expert and then sell to continue teaching those who are committed to achieving their desired results.

Let’s face it.

No matter how fast my Cuban lips go on a webinar, an hour just isn’t enough to teach people everything they need to know.

So I have to carefully curate content and decide what stays and what goes when it comes to my webinars.

If you're like me, you love teaching, helping people, and sharing what you've learned over the years.

But then you hit a fork in a road where we have to decide where we stand:

#1: I love to teach and I'm going to show people everything I know


#2: I'm going to sit back and wait until someone else steps in to help others because I'm not sure how to get my message out there or I'm too scared to. 

If you plug in to my trainings, read my emails, and/or have joined my programs, it's probably because you want to be the one who teaches others how to achieved their desired goals.

But somewhere along the line, teaching starts to get a little complicated....

  • So many different tools and platforms get overwhelming..
  • Sold out programs that allow you to grow your brand and have the resources to focus on your business elude you
  • Figuring out what your customers want goes from being intuitive to feeling like a circus

Trust me. I get it!

When I hosted my first webinar I was so nervous and to deal with my nerves I had a series of outlines on my desk:

  • Speaking notes
  • Techie notes
  • Encouraging quotes

I hope the people on my webinar couldn't hear me shuffling papers back and forth! Hah!

Fast forward to today ==>>> People love coming to my webinars, enjoy the trainings, buy my programs, and there are zero papers on my desk when I host them.

Ultimately that allows me to build my list, live life on my terms, and do what I love- teach.

Do you feel uncomfortable selling online?

I've heard some people say that they feel super awkward and weird when it's time to sell on their webinars.

They either worry about selling something right after teaching for free or claim that they are experts at what they do and that they are not experts in selling.

I've been asked before...... "Can't I just pay someone to sell and I just show up and add tons of value?!”

Here's why you must master webinars:

Without teaching others you have no real way of qualifying your customers.

In other words, if people love your free stuff, then they will also love your paid stuff.

The same is true for the opposite. If someone is not thrilled with your free training, then you save yourself the customer service headache of working with people who are not interested in joining your programs.

Unfortunately, there are times when people would be a good fit to work with you but they just don't know it yet.

Whether your webinar was too short, too long, or poorly promoted isn't it at all.

There are key ways to teaching what you love to also invite others to continue learning from you.

You don't have to sit there hyperventilating because you don't want to sell at the end of the webinar anymore.

I'm going to teach you how to dominate your online workshops so that you can do what you love and build a success business in the process.

There are things that no matter on how many webinars of mine you attend, you cannot see on the surface.

So I'm going to pull back the curtain and give you the inside scoop on how you too can leverage your passions into profits.

The phenomenal power of the Webinars for Influencers Blueprint is that simple.

After years of hosting webinars that have been enjoyed by entrepreneurs around the world, I have curated the best information for you so that you can use this system to your advantage.

I have excluded what doesn’t work and included what does so that you can get straight to doing what works in your business and achieve sustainable results.

Whether you are new online, have hosted some webinars with no success, or are successfully hosting webinars the “Webinars for Influencers Blueprint” will help you master the #1 craft that will help you grow your business online without any limits.

Use it as a guide to create the life and success you want.

Finally learn how to build a business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

Who this is for:

The results you can expect from this system:


Here’s everything we will cover in this online training program:

  • Module 1: How to Promote Your Webinars like an Influencer

    -The best sources for traffic (free & paid)

    -How to fill up your webinars with qualified people who need what you have to offer

    -How to write copy like the pros to clearly state what you offer and stand out to your ideal clients

    -The top tools and resources for list building so that you can strategically use webinars to grow your audience and build your business consistently

    -The most effective timelines to promote your webinars in advance for your audience

    Valued at $497!

  • Module 2: How to Present like a Pro on Your Webinars

    -The breakdown of the 4 key elements every successful webinars presentation must have to showcase your expertise so that you can stand out to your ideal clients

    -How to teach without being salesy

    -How to determine the difference between your free content and your paid content

    -How to avoid the top mistakes most influencers make on webinars that cost them thousands and even their reputation at times

    Valued at $297!

  • Module 3: How to Invite People to Join Your Programs Before, During, And After Your Webinars

    -Learn the 5 simple steps to selling on webinars without having to be pushy or convince people

    -Top secrets will be revealed to selling coaching programs and e-courses on webinars that hardly anyone is doing

    -Learn the key areas of your programs that your customers want to learn about before joining you

    -How to leverage webinars strategically so that you can sellout your programs without picking up the phone

    Valued at $297

  • Module 4: How to Follow Up After a Webinar With Value and Stand Out to Your Ideal Clients (Even the ones that didn’t make it to the webinar live)

    -Learn the top strategies to acquire customers for a lifetime on webinars

    -Learn how to keep helping your clients and promoting your programs with your webinar replays after the webinars

    -Learn how to write compelling emails to inspire your ideal clients to join your programs

    -Determine the best timelines to promote your programs post your live presentation

    Valued at $497

Bonus #1

Tech Tutorial: How to set up your first webinar yourself in less than 10 minutes!

Don’t let the lack of technical skills keep you from teaching your message any longer. Learn the easiest way to present like a pro.

Valued at $197

Bonus #2

How to get your first 1,000 people on your webinar.

Learn the best strategies to fill up your webinar with people who are a perfect fit for your webinars!

Valued at $497

Bonus #3

Customizable Slide Template (in both Keynote & Powerpoint)

Want to create your slide presentation in less than half the time, & get your life back? If so, this slide template will make your life a lot easier.

Valued at $197

Bonus #4

Bonus Email Swipe Copy (PDF + Video tutorial on the copywriting essentials)

Check out 3 key emails that helps me make almost $20,000 in a month after hosting a single webinar. Learn how to follow-up after your webinar so that you can close more sales consistently. 

Valued at $197

That’s over $2,400 in value for only $497 $247 during this special promotion!

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How this works:

After you enroll for the fabulous course- Webinars for Influencers, you will get an email and a login for the program.

You can start watching and implementing the training immediately.

After your purchase you have lifetime access to the course which means you can complete it at your pace.

Pretty simply right?

Imagine what it would be like to have people from all around the world who need what you have to offer feel happy and relieved when they learn from your message and join your programs.

Yes! You can grow your online business with webinars without burning out or being “salesy”.

Webinars for Influencers is an easy-to-follow course in which I teach you practical knowledge that will help you sky-rocket your online brand and generate new followers that want to buy from you!

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out for yourself.

Let's review what you get!

  • Deep dive training on how to successfully build your list and sell your programs via webinars without picking up the phone
  • Tech tutorial
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • Lifetime access to the program


Get Started For Just $247!

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All sales are final. Training will be available immediately via email. 

Here’s what others have said about working with me:

Check out what Stephanie (the lady boss who recently had almost 700 people registered to her very first webinar) had to say about working with me:

“Ilean Harris you are such a great coach, inspiring, smart, strong and professional lady boss! I am a wife and mother with the goal of running my passion as a business and having the quality time I want to spend with my loved ones, and you have given me the tools to have it all. Your coaching service, courses, advice and overall daily content is such a great guide to keep me on the right direction. With your guidance I have opened my mind in a huge way. From appreciating my value as a professional to creating smart business decisions that last long term and yes, I make money in my sleep! Thank you so much for your excellent work but more than that for creating a relationship with all of us lady bosses in your network! You are diamond lady boss!”

Stephanie Li Rivera
Stephanie Li Rivera

Suzana was able to double her income!

"I started to use your teachings at the office and I must say that in a month I doubled my income. You are great! Even if it is different than the online business, I took a month to apply what I have learned and it works! Many many thanks! Hugs to you!”

Suzana M.
Suzana M.

Check out what Helena had to say about learning how to turn her advice into a business:

“I went for a meeting and felt so scared to say the price afraid they would not want to coach with me. And then I remembered you and all the things you always say and after I said it "$3000", the lady was like "ok. No problem!!!" I feel so good and so thankful for all I have learned from you! Then she went home and her husband wants to coach too. I did both for $4500 as they will share the same weekly coaching session. Thank you so much for all you do!”

Helena B.
Helena B.

Sharon sold her top package with only 26 people on her list!

Damaysi got over 1,000 new followers in a week!

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